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Stainless Steel Receiving Cup

Stainless Steel Receiving Cup

Exclusively designed for the R-220 - Sleek and easy to hold

While most manufacturers are reluctant to making cups due to its complicated nature of production, we’ve at last found a craftsman that will make this product possible.

This Fuji-Royal original product was inspired by the European travel-sized cutlery case that is currently displayed at the Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum in Niigata Prefecture.

Toyonari Ito (Biography from Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum)

  • 1915 — Born in Nagoya City
  • Obtain a PhD at Nagoya University
  • Active as both a doctor and an artist, receiving multiple awards
  • Starts his spoon collection when buying his first spoon in Ginza upon moving to the city to enter the medical station at The University of Tokyo Hospital.
  • Travels Europe to study Western medical science and collect spoons
  • Studies abroad in Paris (University of Paris) as an auditor at the Louvre Museum
  • 2001 — passes away at the age of 86

Toyonari Ito’s spoon collection with approximately 5,000 spoons is currently exhibited at the Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum.


Stainless steel
Product Dimensions
(W × D × H) mm
90 × 75 × 95
130 g (4.5 oz)