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“Machine of Five Bodies”

“Machine of Five Bodies”

First Edition publicized on October 1st, 2019
(International Coffee Day)
A Concept book that presents the history of Fuji Royal

“Machine of Five Bodies” translates to how a human being uses a machine as if it is a part of their own body.
The products of Fuji Royal are a craftsman’s right-hand, and this book introduces the backstory of it including the craftsman’s handiwork’s, the manufacturing site, and the final products in action, through vivid pictures and illustrations.


  • Preface
  • The Contribution of FUJI ROYAL
  • Chapter 1 The Arrival of Iron
    • Earth — A Planet of Iron
    • A Quest for Iron Sand
    • The Tool that Helps Human Kind
    • Tatara — Japanese Traditional Iron Making
    • Prayer for the God of Kanayago
    • The Ancestor of Japan’s Modern Iron Manufacturing
    • Tea Culture — New Created from Old
  • Chapter 2 The Craftsmen’s Work of Hands
    • The Work of the Casting Men
    • A Lathe Operator’s Work
    • The Iron Work Factory
    • The Canning Factory
    • A One-man Factory
    • The Painter
  • Chapter 3 The Manufacturing Factory
    • Document: A Day in the Factory
    • Production Process (Roasting machine/Coffee grinder)
  • Chapter 4 Where the Coffee Is
    • Nizami Coffee
    • Cafe Bimi
    • Ban Coffee
    • C&C
    • Kunshan Kokei Food Co., Ltd.,
    • Ichiro Sekiguchi × Tatsuo Fukushima
    • Katsuji Daibo × Tatsuya Furuya
  • Manga “A Trip for Installation”
  • Chapter 5 FUJI ROYAL Archives
    • Masayoshi Takase × Toshiharu Miyaoka
    • History of FUJI ROYAL
  • To the Future


Book Size
Japanese AB (257 × 210 mm)
112 pages Japanese / English Translation
JPY 5,500 (including tax)