Coffee mills

Coffee mills

Our coffee mills are designed to produce freshly ground beans for brewing a cup of highly aromatic coffee.
Loved by professionals who have created a unique café culture in Japan, our coffee mills have earned the trust of many and have a reliable track record.

Strengths of FUJI ROYAL Products

  • Reliable equipment that has been used at coffee specialty stores for half a century ever since our establishment
  • Simple structure that is hardy and durable, and made in Japan using high-quality materials
  • Fast grinding power that extracts your favorite flavors through an even and beautiful grind
  • Robust equipment as a result of the motor’s weight and its durable build
  • Extensive after-sales system that includes the supply of replacement parts, repair and maintenance, product overhauls, etc.

Select products by considering your preferred amount of grind, grinding time, number of cups, and other features

You can choose the perfect product that suits your needs by considering the number of cups of coffee you make and the amount of coffee beans you grind each day. Our lineup includes a variety of coffee mills equipped with professional features as well as attractive models that allow you to enjoy coffee in the comfort of your home.

  R-220 R-300 R-440 R-750 FH-750
(W × D × H) mm
130 × 240 × 362 170 × 330 × 480 205 × 330 × 532 311 × 370 × 745 226 × 413 × 760
Weight 4.6 kg 17.9 kg 12.2 kg 27 kg 36 kg
Voltage Single-phase 100 V Single-phase 100 V Single-phase 100 V Single-phase 100 V Single-phase 100 V
Hopper capacity 250 g 300 g 900 g 2,500 g 1,250 g
Grinding capacity 400 g / min 500 g / min 500 g / min 1 kg / min 1 kg / min