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Glass Hopper

Glass Hopper

Glass Hopper from former “Fuji Coffee Machine Manufacturing” makes a comeback

Our glass hopper from Fuji Royal’s predecessor, “Fuji Coffee Machine Manufacturing” made its revival, a reminiscence of when the coffee mills were a statement piece in coffee shops.
The glass is hand blown by a glassmith, which is considered as a rare technique nowadays.

Upon your purchase

  • There are minor scars on the glass, also known as pontil marks which presence indicates the glass is hand blown.
  • Please contact us from the Contact page if you would like to purchase this item. You can choose your product amongst each unique piece.
  • If you wish for a post delivery, please acknowledge that we do not take responsibility for the damage that our product may undergo during delivery.


Hopper capacity
1.5 kg (3.3 pounds)
Lid 220 dia. × Insertion Outer Diameter 5.5 dia. × H 500 mm
2.4 kg (5.3 pounds)
Glass (hopper) / Aluminum (lid, insertion)
* The Fuji Royal logo is engraved in the glass