Coffee roasters

Electric Roaster Cube e

Electric Roaster Cube e

FUJI ROYAL’s first electric coffee roaster.
User-friendly design with touch screen access.

Monthly batch example: Up to 200kg per month
( = 500 gr. per batch  x  20 batches per day  x  20 days per month )

  • 40 automatic roasting programs installed
  • Easy-to-use touch screen with voice guidance
  • Electric heating allowing versatile usage


  • Automated Roasting
    Everything can run auto - from the placement of beans until finishing off on the cooling tray.
  • Roasting Programs
    Choose from 8 different roasting levels to your liking.
    Default setting is changeable.
  • Manual Roasting
    Adjustable parameters including 10 different ventilation settings
  • Consistent Pre-heating
    Press start for automatic stand-by. Maintains heating temperature after roasting for consistent quality.


Electric roaster “Cube e”

It is an operation image of a Electric roaster “Cube e”.


Cube e
Size (W × D × H) mm
600 × 615 × 1,515 
150 kg 
Total motor rated output
77 W 
Motor electrical capacity
2,000 W
Roasting / batch
min. 100 g
max. 500 g
Roasting method
Fully-electric powered
Single-phase 200 V