History of FUJI ROYAL



Ryuzo Hoshi (1892-1976) who was running a trading company in Kobe signed a contract for importing coffee with the Coffee Affairs Department of Sao Paolo State Government in Brazil, which led to his founding Nippon Brazilian Trading Company (NBTC) (5F, Osaka Bldg. Souzecho, Kita-ku, Osaka City) as the branch office for Brazilian Coffee promotion,
along with Fuji Shokai Ltd. (2F Taihei Bldg. Umeda Shinmichi, Osaka City) as its machinery maker.


January 7th, 1930 NBTC opened its first coffee shop Cafe Brasileiro in Umeda Shinmichi, Osaka.
January 31st, 1930 The company opened the second shop Cafe Brasileiro Tokyo in Ginza, Tokyo. Toyohiko Teramoto (1908-1960), who later become the founder of Fuji Coffee Machine Manufacturing (the former name for FUJI ROYAL), joined the cafe there. He learned about roasting coffee at Brasileiro, where he became acquainted with those who would be well known in Japan’s coffee world later on, like Ichiro Sekiguchi, who was the founder of the legendary Cafe De L’ambre. Toyohiko was the one who established the FUJI brand which continues to date.



In the wake of WW2, coffee import from overseas resumed since its abeyance in 1944. Fuji Coffee Machine Manufacturing (2-535 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo) was founded. Around the same time, Fuji Coffee Grinder & Roaster Service Station Tokyo (3-14-16, Nakameguro) was opened. Shokichi Matsumoto joined the company and the founder Toyohiko treated Shokichi like his own family. Shokichi would later become the second president of the affiliated company Fuji Kouki Manufacturing & Sales Co., Ltd.


April 1st, 1955 The company established Fuji Kouki Manufacturing & Sales Co., Ltd (5-365 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka). The first president was Yoshitsugu Funakoshi, who then acquired the trademark FUJI ROYAL to differentiate his company from the Fuji Coffee Machine Manufacturing in Meguro, Tokyo, although Toyohiko Teramoto offered the name FUJI in conformity with his company restructuring.


The electric grinder R-440, the anchor product of FUJI ROYAL, was developed. The light and resilient motor components gained larger customers. The Osaka branch factory was moved to the same ground as the Osaka HQ.


Business with the exclusive distributor Taiwan Hojun Co., Ltd. started. The relationship continues to date with them as Fuji’s general distributor in Taiwan.



Fuji Coffee Machine Manufacturing comes to a halt, and Fuji Kouki Sales Co., Ltd. opened its branch in Tokyo (1-4-11, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) to protect the FUJI brand there. The existing Tokyo Royal Service in Atsugi was moved in to unite the two locations.


The third president Toshihasu Miyaoka became the chairman and Tatsuo Fukushima succeeded as the fourth president. The company name was changed from Fuji Kouki Sales Co., Ltd to Fuji Kouki Inc.


Sept. 2010 A roasting learning facility was opened in the building of which opened up another Tokyo branch office in Umeda, Adachi-ku. The cutting-edge fully heated air type roasting machine FUJI ROYAL REVOLUTION was launched. FUJI ROYAL KOREA CO., LTD was founded Seoul, Korea as a distribution point in the country.


Acquired the ownership of the two companies, Fuji Coffee Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Industrial Machine Engineering Co., Ltd., which made Fuji Kouki Inc. the largest and the oldest coffee machine maker in Japan.


April 15th, 2014 Fuji Kouki Inc. established Shanghai Fengjen Trading Co.,Ltd.as its distributing HQ in China in Shanghai, China.


March 20th, 2018 The Osaka Factory started its operation.