Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Date of enactment: March 2, 2020
Fuji Kouki Co.,Ltd.
Tatsuo Fukushima, Representative Director

The Company will handle personal information within the scope necessary for achieving the business goals of its main businesses described below (i.e., the purpose of use).

Main businesses

  1. Manufacture and sale of coffee mils, roasters, and other coffee-related products
  2. Operation of roasting classes and coffee classes

Purpose of use of personal information

  1. Provision and maintenance of products and services (hereinafter “products, etc.”) which are handled by the Company, affiliated companies, and business partners and which were purchased by customers
  2. Planning, development, manufacturing, sale, installation, and maintenance concerning products, etc., and provision of and guidance regarding product information, etc.
  3. Administration of contracts concerning provision of products, etc. and other activities
  4. Guidance regarding, and implementation of, campaigns, exhibitions, and other events related to products
  5. Provision and sending of product catalogs, other materials, samples, etc.
  6. Survey and analysis of questionnaires concerning products, etc.
  7. Implementation of work entrusted to the Company by other business operators

The Company, fully recognizing its social mission and the importance of protecting the personal information of customers, business partners, employees, etc., will comply with laws concerning the protection of personal information, and sets forth the following policies concerning what the Company must do as a business operator that handles personal information.

  1. The Company will not handle personal information outside the scope necessary to achieve the specified purposes of use of personal information handled in large quantities in all of its businesses and personal employment handled in recruitment, etc. (use outside purpose), and will enact measures toward that end.
  2. The Company will comply with laws, ordinances, national government policies, and other standards related to the handling of personal information.
  3. The Company will establish internal rules concerning the prevention and correction of unauthorized access or damage to, or leakage or destruction of, personal information, and will protect personal information. In the event of a leak or other incident or accident, the Company will promptly investigate the cause and response, and will take corrective action.
  4. The Company will establish internal rules for responding to complaints and requests for consultation regarding the handling of personal information, and will respond to complaints and requests for consultation.
  5. The Company will continuously improve its management system for the protection of personal information.


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