Greetings from FUJI ROYAL

Coffee has been a popular drink in Japan since the Meiji period. After the Sakoku period of national isolation ended, Japan pushed hard to modernize, taking an attitude of “we must catch up to the powers of Europe and the USA!” Western culture surged across the country, and the lifestyle of Japanese people was radically transformed.

On April 13, 1888 (the 21st year of the Meiji period), Japan’s first coffee shop “Kanjo Chakan” opened in Tokyo’s Ueno district. At that time, Japan had no coffee-drinking culture, and the coffee shop imported all of its roasters, mills and so on. Eventually, the demand for coffee grew, and the production of coffee equipment started in Japan.

The FUJI brand – the predecessor of FUJI ROYAL – was born in 1929, the fourth year of the Showa period. We initially imitated European and American coffee machines, and then started manufacturing in a way better suited to the Japanese market. At times during the war we had to temporarily close, but we also played a role in post-war socioeconomic reconstruction. FUJI ROYAL has come a long way in supporting the development of Japan’s coffee industry behind-the-scenes, helping Japanese coffee culture to grow alongside the economy.

Nowadays borderlessness is the norm, and the coffee-drinking scene is diversifying in turn. But the one thing that people continue to seek out is delicious coffee. We have consistently made machines that are tools for pros to rely on and use for a long time, grounded in the opinions of coffee makers who put their full confidence into the cup.

No matter how times change, we pursue unwavering value. We will spread our creative wings widely, continuing to make authentic machines for coffee lovers worldwide. This is our mission as an equipment manufacturer.

We will continue to go above and beyond, with the goal of ensuring the life of people using FUJI ROYAL products will be fragranced with coffee.

Tatsuo Fukushima
Representative Director, Fuji Kouki, Inc.