Coffee roasters

Coffee roaster REVOLUTION

Coffee roaster REVOLUTION

Digital control for the heat and exhaust using programmed management.
Fully automatic air roaster mimicking all skill levels, from beginners to expert roasters.

Monthly roasting volume: 500 kg
(Example: Green coffee beans 5 kg × 5 batches/day × Operating 20 days/month = 500 kg)

  • Fully automatic roaster designed with the skill of expert roasters.
  • Operation touch panel to set the temperature, burner output, etc. Detailed program management.
  • An automatic program will be configured from the manually entered data, which will enable a consistent and high-quality roasting even handled by a beginner.
  • The drum has excellent thermal conductivity and heat retention.


Size (W × D × H) mm
2,100 × 1,020 × 1,863
900 kg
Roasting / batch
5 kg
Cylinder type
Hot blast
Power consumption
960 W
Rated combustion volume
21 kW
(18,000 kcal / h)
Connection hose
LPG / LNG 13 mm
Single-phase 100 V